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Comcalc Pro (IEEE Comtrade Avanced Analysis)

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Comcalc Pro software imports data from a file (e.g. IEEE Comtrade),manipulates and convert the data into equivalent forms (i.e. filter value, symmetrical components, magnitude, etc. defined by user), evaluates the quantities or expressions or logic based on the original and newly converted data (i.e. throughexpressions defined by user) and exports the results into format defined by user (i.e. through expressions and drawings into a graph or data type such as an Impedance Plot  example).

Through the intuitive and user-friendly interface, the software is fully capable of extracting values and displaying quantities as well as simulating the behaviour of devices such as:


Protective Relays


Metering devices


Quality of Supply measurements


Power system monitoring devices



Fault recorders capture data in simplest format but devices such as those listed above operate on other quantities (e.g. logic, symmetrical components, impedances, etc.).

Comcalc Pro bridges the gap between fault recording data and secondary device quantities, making it possible to understand and analyse their behaviour (from basics to advanced).

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