Inspired Simplicity

Comcalc Pro Version Information

Version 3.5.0 – New

                          Comtrade 2013 file format compatability (excludes CFF single file format)

Version 3.4.0 - 3.4.9

                      - New

                          File – Large/massive file support

                          Import – Time to import reduced

                          Viewing – Large file view time reduced significantly

                      - Enhanced

                          Viewing – Massive speed increase to load/view large file(s)

                          Quickplot – FREQUENCY extraction and plotting

                          Mathematical – Error Checking and Speed (catch invalid characters etc.)

                          Channels – Handling and display of analog and digital channels

                      - Fixed

                          Viewing - bug fixes (graphical)

                          Multi-file handling and plotting bug

                          Multi-file combined-plot bug

                          Quickplot – Intuitiveness

                          Viewing – Display of min and max values in some cases

Version 3.3.0 - New

                          Quickplot – FREQUENCY extraction and plotting

                          Mathematic functions – FREQUENCY extraction functionality expanded (incl. more options and control)

                      - Fixed

                           Quickplot – impedance and power drop-down selections did not contain channel numbers

                      - Enhanced

                           Automatic Update – Removed count-down / delay to update after closing software

Version 3.2.1 - New

                          Quickplot - Add expression(s) to NEW plot or to EXISTING plot

                                           - Easily create plots with multiple expressions via Quickplot

                      - Fixed

                           Plot – Per series color selections (including ‘auto set colors’)

Version 3.2.0 - New

                          Mathematical functions – FREQ(channel,threshold,count) – extract frequency (within limits) for indicated channel

                      - Enhanced

                           Quickplot - Intuitiveness

                      - Fixed

                           Quickplot – ‘Range check error’ during some plots (e.g. impedance).

                           Example Drawing files – Converted to new structure (which uses in-line expression evaluation, no separate section for variables)

                                                                  - Remove and re-install program if files is locked (not auto-rectified during new version installation)

                            Plot Preview – sometimes did not display or displayed incorrectly as empty

Version 3.1.0 - New

                           Drawings – In-line expression evaluation and variable setting (no separate variable/formula sections inside drawing file)

                           Multi-File imports - Display as Tiled Vertical or Stacked (with Zoom and Scroll)

                           Multi-Combined-Plot – Extract and plot data from multiple files and view on one plot

                           Multi-Quickplot – Select Multiple channels with Quickplot criteria and plot

                           Mathematical functions - DO( expr1,expr2,…) – process all expressions (individually in sequence) and returns 1 if all successful

                                                                 - FILENUMBER - Expression inline setting/return

                           Mathematical – Multi-file analysis, evaluations and plots

                      - Enhanced

                           Multi-File import – selection/display/zoom

                           Multi-Plot – selection, editing, thumbnails, zooming and plot

                      - Fixed

                           Variable reset functionality

                           Area selection for Multi-plot

                           Multi-plot – Moving plots resulted in display issues (movement now inhibited)

Version 3.0.4 - Enhanced

                           Import – Increased number of possible data columns to 20,000.

Version 3.0.3 - Fixed

                           Localisation – Error with importing and calculations with PC regional settings set to some countries in Europe

Version 3.0.2 - Fixed

                           TIME - function returned error when first row selected

                           Plot/Data Wizard – Re-integrated ‘Color or Value’ check box (removed in 3.0.0 and 3.0.1)

                           Variables – Variable names that started with I or J produced an error.

Version 3.0.1 - Fixed

                           Template – passing of multiple variables resulted in error

Version 3.0.0 - New

                           Variables - Can now be called without enclosing in apostrophes (e.g. test:=test+1)

                                           - Variables can have same name as Constants and Functions (e.g. PI:=5)

                                           - Constants not enclosed by apostrophe whilst Variable can be enclosed by apostrophe

                                           - Constants has preference over Variables (e.g. if PI:=5 then PI returns 3.14 whilst ‘PI’ returns 5)

                                           - Name can now be any alpha-numeric sequence/combination (e.g. 12A_3B4:=2)

                                           - User input can now be requested for unknown variables – see General Settings

                           Plot Data - Added option to Load either file name or file contents

                                           - Similar to working with Plot Drawing files/editing if option selected

                                           - Allows much greater flexibility (e.g. plot data from multiple relays combined, use templates, etc.)

                           Plot Forms - Now have independent settings (each plot can be individually customised)

                                             - Edit individual plot settings after initial plot and simply re-plot to update

                                             - Copy settings between Plot/Data Wizard forms

                           Templates - Save multiple expressions into a single Template file (e.g. test.tpl)

                                             - Separate directory added where templates are stored (e.g. c:\Comcalc Pro\Templates)

                                             - Evaluate Templates by hashing file short-name (e.g. #test#) – see General Settings

                                             - Pass single/multiple value(s), (e.g. #test,3,4#) and refer to them within template file (‘test’*2+’test2’)

                                             - Reference Template return value as variable (e.g. ‘test’)

                                             - A Template can return a volatile or non-volatile variable – see General Settings

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Variables tab renamed to Expressions tab

                                                       - Formulas tab renamed to Plot Data tab

                           PLOTTYPE - Expression inline setting

                           Mathematical - Brackets opening and closing must be in sequence, i.e. 3*(2+[4-5])

                                                  - Complex numbers can be enclosed by any brackets, i.e. ( , ) or [ , ] or { , }

                                                  - Functions must be enclosed by round brackets, e.g. ABS(123)

                      - Enhanced

                           Error checking (e.g. brackets, drawings error checking, filter error checking)

                           Plot form - Plot and Preview display (e.g. circle appears more like a circle)

                           Drawings - File manipulation and related error checking

                                           - Variable defined in the drawing file can now be inline – See Drawings

                           AUTOUNIT - Expression inline setting now has immediate response (not only when file is imported)

                           RESETVAR – In-line setting now takes place via an assignment (i.e. RESETVAR:=1)

                           In-line comments – Multiple in-line comments are now allowed, e.g. 1+~first~2~second~+3

                           Start-up – Time reduced to start software if not connected to the internet (automatic checks for updates)

                           Mathematical – Assign enhanced (e.g. A:=3+4 sets A:=3 and returns 7, whilst A:=(3+4) sets A:=7)

                      - Fixed

                           Complex number to the power of a complex number sometimes returned incorrect angle

                           RESETVAR setting functionality

                           Plot Drawing – Auto-set legends (when both formulas and drawings selected)

                           Plot Drawing – LINE( ) processing

Version 2.7.2 - Enhanced

                           Simplicity of use

                           Mathematical – Speed of processing and error checking

Version 2.7.1 - Enhanced

                           Mathematical – Processing sequence selection box removed

Version 2.7.0 – Enhanced

                           Mathematical – Speed of processing (minimum 2 x faster using 3rd generation engine)

                           Plot/Data Wizard – Speed of processing (minimum 2 x faster using 3rd generation engine)

                           Variables – Speed of processing (minimum 2 x faster using 3rd generation engine)

Version 2.6.6 - Enhanced

                           Main form – Digital channel display

                           Default Filter – Value extraction for files which does not allow data to be filtered

                      - Fixed

                           Import - Some IEEE Comtrade Binary file Digital channels did not import correctly

Version 2.6.5 - Enhanced

                           Plot/Data Wizard – Drawing file selection (does not have to be in same directory anymore)

                           Plot/Data Wizard – Expression use and general intuitiveness

                      - Fixed

                           Quickplot – Thumbnail display

                           View – File information (error displayed when no file imported)

                           Import - Some IEEE Comtrade Binary file Digital channels did not import correctly

Version 2.6.4 - Enhanced

                           Mathematical – Error checking

                           General – Error checking

                           Main form - display accuracy

Version 2.6.3 - Enhanced

                          Plot/Data Wizard – Bug introduced on 2.6.2 was rectified.

Version 2.6.2 - Enhanced

                           Mathematical – Error checking

                           Main form – Multiple sampling frequency file display and behaviour

                           Plot/Data Wizard form – Export intuitiveness 

                      - New

                           Plot/Data Wizard – Export expressions (and values) to comma-delimited file

Version 2.6.1 - Enhanced

                           Mathematical – Variable names extended (start with Alphabet, then any Letter/Alphabet combinations, i.e. Z1MAG)

                           Main form - Flicker reduced

                                             - Cursor selection, drag and intuitiveness

                           Plot Drawings - Load – now able to select on different drives

                           Start-up time reduced

Version 2.6.0 - New

                          Bitwise Logical functions - SHL (bitwise shift left)

                                                                  - SHR (bitwise shift right)

                                                                  - OR (bitwise OR)

                                                                  - AND (bitwise AND)

                                                                  - NOT (bitwise NOT)

                          Import - UNLIMITED rows and columns (only limited by memory)

                      - Enhanced

                          Memory use (reduced)

                          Quickplot channel analog values display - Enable/Disable selection added

                          Help – Update Now (force download and update on close)

                          Main form – Exit

                          Mathematical - Inline comment(s)

                        - Fixed

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Manual calculation for unchecked variables (displayed random values, although memory was correct)

                           Variables – Reference to a non-defined variable returned zero (instead of an ‘error’)

Version 2.5.3 - Enhanced

                         File import row limit (row limit increased from 100,000 rows to 1,000,000)

Version 2.5.2 - Enhanced

                         Automatic Update

Version 2.5.1 - NEW

                         Settings form - Added option to define how assign is processed, e.g. A:=1+3 versus A:=(1+3)

                       - Fixed

                          SQRT(negative number) - returned incorrect value (magnitude correct but angle wrong)

Version 2.5.0 - NEW

                         Create your own Comtrade file data in software (with no hardware)

                      - Fixed

                         View - File Information (for multiple sampling frequencies)

Version 2.4.5 - Enhanced

                          Quickplot - Expressions utilising angle (degrees/radians) automatically adjusted according to general setting mode.

Version 2.4.4  - Fixed

                           Plot/Data Wizard form - Manual calculation of variables.

Version 2.4.3  - Fixed

                           File - Find - Import

                           Default.var file

Version 2.4.2  - Enhanced

                           Registration - Direct from the software (no need to go to web-site)

Version 2.4.1  - Enhanced

                           Minor enhancements

Version 2.4.0  - Fixed

                           Import - Some IEEE Comtrade Binary files did not import correctly

Version 2.3.0  - Enhanced

                           Multiple plot speed and performance (e.g. loading, refresh, zoom, view)

                           General intuitiveness, flow and performance

Version 2.2.1 - Fixed

                          File import when file name includes multiple points (e.g.                         

Version 2.2.0  - NEW

                           Comcalc Viewer/Pro combined

                           Comcalc Viewer/Pro features now available for free (no-charge)

                        - Enhanced

                           View Wizard - Simplified / Intuitiveness

                           View Wizard - Color assignmentVersion 2.1.1  - NEW

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Check/Uncheck All popup menu

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Select/Unselect All popup menu

                        - Enhanced

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Save and Load of Titles and Legends

                           Mathematical - Expression Error checking

                        - Fixed

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Multiple drawing plots of different lengths resulted in error

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Exported only some headings to Excel (CSV file)

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Drawing colors did not display correct when manually set

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Plot type 4 (Re&Im/Time) legend colors did not display correct

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Plot type 4 (Re&Im/Time) symbols did not display correct

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Plot type 4 (Re&Im/Time) produced error for multiple data plots

                           Settings form - File association on Windows 7/Server 2008

Version 2.1.0  - NEW

                           Main form shortcuts - F2 = Plot Settings (Basic)

                                                            - F3 = Plot Settings (Advanced)

                                                            - F4 = Quick Plot Settings

                                                            - F5 = Directory Settings

                                                            - F7 = Print Setup

                                                            - F9 = Display Basic File information

                                                            - F10 = Comtrade File Configuration

                                                            - F11 = General Settings

                            Mathematical - Complex notation i or j can now act stand-alone (e.g j+3+j4)

                        - Enhanced

                            Plot/Data Wizard - XY scatter (Complex) plot type options

                            Plot/Data Wizard - X- and Y-axis options (e.g. plot at zero)

Version 2.0.0  - NEW

                           General - Load and Save setup settings

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Load and Save setup settings

                           Plot/Data Wizard - Added 'Non-volatile'' variables (permanent in nature)

                           Mathematical Function - SLOPE() = returns the rate-of-change of an expression (for single or multiple rows)

                           Expression In-line variable declaration and assignment, e.g. A:=5+B:=6

                           Expression Logic functions             - <> (not equal to)

                           Expression Logic Gate functions    - OR(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - NOR(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - XOR(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - XNOR(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - AND(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - NAND(x,y,z,...)

                           Expression Statistical functions      - SUM(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - MIN(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - MAX(x,y,z,...)

                                                                                  - AVG(x,y,z,...)

                           Drawing functions - LINETO( )

                                                         - In-line Expression evaluation (as part of drawing)

                          Main form - Goto row number for reference cursor

                       - Changed

                           Expression formatting - Variable assignment (= changed to :=)

                                                               - Logic comparison (= now only used as a logic function, e.g. to compare)

                                                               - Function/Constant names can now be used as variables, e.g. RMS:=10

                                                               - Constants evaluated last (allow usage of constant names as variables PI:=5)

                           Expression processing sequence enhanced - Top to Bottom

                                                                                                - Left to Right

                                                                                                - Non-volatile variables loaded first

                                                                                                - Expressions prior to Formulas

                                                                                                - Formula prior to Drawings

                                                                                                - Drawings last

                           Drawing functions - POINT( ) - only plots a point and not a line from previous point (as per previous versions)

                                                         - LINE/ARC/LENS/TOMATO/FORMULA - automatically MOVE to first POINT and draw line to next point

                           Plot/Data Wizard - setup settings now saved in files with 'set2' extension

                           Plot/Data Wizard - removed preview form Maximise/Minimise buttons

                           Plot/Data Wizard - added "Re-calculate" button and removed automatic calculation

                                                       - this is as a result of 'Non-volatile' variable functionality added

                        - Enhanced

                            Memory usage for Drawings

                            Memory usage for Default Fundamental Filter (DFF)

                            General Error checking, reporting and handling

                            Mathematical - Expression Error checking (and reporting)

                            Mathematical - Function Error checking (and reporting)

                            Mathematical - TIME function now support multiple sampling frequencies in Comtrade files

                            Logical Error checking (and reporting)

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Formula Preview functionality

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Drawing Preview functionality

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Plot Preview functionality

                            Plot/Data Wizard - XY scatter (Complex) plot type options

                            Quickplot - Do not clear Plot/Data Wizard expressions (variables, formulas, drawings)

                            Settings form (Always refer to last Directories used)

                            Main form - Horizontal scrolling range (also for files with few rows of data)

                            Update Functionality - Minor enhancement

                            Confirmed availability of # to reference variables (for compatibility with older versions)

                        - Fixed

                            Calculator - Data entry left alignment issue (experienced on some PCs)

                            Main form - Channel legend display (original unit displayed with 'channel unit auto scaling' selected)

                            Quickplot - Incorrectly changed plot type for Plot/Data Wizard as well

                            View Wizard - 'View Analogs on Same scale' check box status not saved

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Filters used incorrect selected row number when clicked multiple times

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Edit/Insert/Clear/Remove operated when variable/formulas/drawing list was not in view

                            Mainform and Print form Copy - Slight offset caused image to be different than displayed

                            Constant function ROW - returned 1 less than actual row number

                            File Information - Did not display multiple sampling frequency information in one Comtrade files

Version 1.8.7  - NEW

                           Calculator - Added logic gates,logic functions and logic expressions                          

                        - Changed

                            Calculator - Pressing '=' no longer evaluates expression (use ENTER instead to evaluate)

                        - Enhanced

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Display of calculated values after changes to Variable or Formula lists

                            Calculator - Enhanced keyboard functionality and behavior

                        - Fixed

                            Mathematical Comparator functions '>=' and '<=' rectified

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Insert button did not function

Version 1.8.6  - Enhanced

                           Calculator +/- button functionality (for empty equation)

                           Calculator 1/x button functionality (for empty equation)

                           Calculator % functionality

Version 1.8.5  - NEW

                           Mathematical functions (more added)

                        - Enhanced

                           Automatic Update - minor enhancement

                           Mathematical functions (expanded for 2D and 3D numbers or expressions)

                        - Fixed

                            3D Drawing Plot overflow error

Version 1.8.4 - Enhanced

                           Graphics - Reduced Flicker for very slow PCs

Version 1.8.3 - NEW

                           Quickplot (DC component and ABC or ACB phase rotation)

Version 1.8.2 - Enhanced

                           Automatic Update - minor improvement

Version 1.8.1  - Enhanced

                           Automatic Update - save settings

Version 1.8.0  - NEW

                           Automatic Update(s) - check for and download update(s) from the web

                           Windows interface feature (added shortcut to send-to items)

                           Windows interface feature (associate file type - double-click from Windows Explorer to import)

                       - Enhanced

                           Windows interface feature (Comtrade File Export functionality enhanced)

                           Automatic saving of view toolbar setting

Version 1.7.5  - Changed

                            Re-instated use of # to reference variables (for compatibility with older versions)

                        - NEW

                            Ability to use comments in expressions (comments are ignored in computations)

                            Help files update (minor changes)

                        - Fixed

                            Quickplot - Complex Power S, P and Q rectified

                            Quickplot - Display for Complex Power S (axis was incorrect for Magnitude, Real, Imaginary and Angle selection)

                            Quickplot - Display of Generic Impedances (axis was incorrect for Magnitude, Real, Imaginary and Angle selection)

Version 1.7.4   - Enhanced

                            Software protection and registration

                            Memory use when multiple recordings imported i.e. combined

                            Print - Setup and printing

                         - Changed

                            Quickplot form - Shortcuts with Number Pad ON (left=Ctrl+4,right=ctrl+6,up=Ctrl+8,down=Ctrl+2,zoom in=Ctrl++,zoom out=Ctrl+-)

                            Plot form - Shortcuts with Number Pad ON (left=Ctrl+4,right=ctrl+6,up=Ctrl+8,down=Ctrl+2,zoom in=Ctrl++,zoom out=Ctrl+-)

                            Main form - Shortcuts with Number Pad ON (left=Ctrl+4,right=ctrl+6)

Version 1.7.3    - NEW

                            Drawings - "Move" function (allows combination of multiple drawings into one file)

                            Drawings - Separate drawing directory (c:\Comcalc Pro\Drawings)

                            Main form - Added "Edit - Directories" and "Edit - Plot Settings" to Main Menu and Popup Menu

                         - Fixed

                            Main form - Quickplot Settings button routed to General Settings

                            Main form - user area selection changed unnecessarily on import (when double-clicking file to open)

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Preview for multiple selected drawings (error introduced in Version 1.7.2)

                            Plot/Data Wizard - Formula and Drawings selected font did not match Windows settings

                            Calculator indication - displayed radians whilst initially in degrees mode (error introduced in Version 1.7.2)

                            Plot/Data Wizard - did not display if no type selected (now defaults to line type if not selected)

                            Quickplot - did not display if no type selected (now defaults to line type if not selected)

                            Quickplot - 2D and 3D selection (used Plotform setting values)

                            Quickplot - Quick Plot Listbox Selections (some combinations did not plot)

                            Import - Cancel for SEL Motor Start Reports did not function

Version 1.7.2   - NEW

                            DFF filter selection expanded to include all filters (DFT,FFT,DCT,DCTII,RMS,H,etc.)

                            DFF recalculate button (use if DFF selection changed)

                         - Enhanced

                            Calculator intuitiveness (keyboard / mouse flow)

                         - Fixed

                            STO function variables could not be utilised in other expression(s)

                            STO function variable value(s) - expressions with operators did not compute correctly

                            DCT and DCTII filters did not compute (error introduced in Version 1.7.0)

Version 1.7.1   - Changed

                             Help from PDF to Integrated Windows Help functionality (no need to install separate PDF viewer)

Version 1.7.0   - NEW

                            Plot Wizard - Drawing/Characteristic Plot Preview

                            Plot Wizard - Formula Plot Preview

                            Plot Wizard - Plot Preview

                            Plot Wizard - Save Settings (automatically if set)

                            Plot Wizard - Check Variables in List (to select for plotting)

                            Plot Wizard - Check Formulas in List (to select for plotting)

                            Plot Wizard - Check Drawings in List (to select for plotting)

                            Plot Wizard - Highlight Variables in List (to select for editing/save/load)

                            Plot Wizard - Highlight Formulas in List (to select for editing/save/load)

                            Plot Wizard - Highlight Drawings in List (to select for editing/save/load)

                            General settings - Save Settings (automatically if set)

                         - Changed

                            Plot Wizard - Plot Preview by default

                            Plot Wizard - Allow multiple Drawings/Characteristics during Evaluation period

                            General settings - Save General and Plot Wizard settings

                         - Fixed

                            Main form Menu - Edit - Copy (did not function)

                            Main form Popup Menu - Edit - Copy (did not function)

                            Plot Wizard - Error during Drawing plot with no file imported

Version 1.6.5   - NEW

                            Main form Print Preview (Copy preview to clipboard)

                            Help files (Drawing functionality)

                            Quickplot form (Generic distance relay impedance measurements - 3 x Zph-g and 3 x Zph-ph)

                            Drawing expressions (3D drawing capability)

                         - Enhanced

                            Help Files (General)

                            Plot Wizard form (automatically saved drawings)

                        - Fixed

                           Plot form (3D scrollbars became visible after print)

                           Quickplot form (bug in compiling expression for positive-, negative-, zero-sequence values)

Version 1.6.4   - NEW

                           Channel Unit Scaling (automatically picks up scaling from channel units and apply - e.g. kV = kilo-volt = 1000)

                        - Changed

                           View Wizard form (View Analogs on Same Scale checkbox - by default now non-selected)

Version 1.6.3   - Added

                           Quickplot form (plot basic formulas with no user variable/formula/drawing knowledge required)

                           Main form - Shortcuts    - Mouse Wheel = Scroll Analog/Digital display up/down (if possible)

                                                                      - Shift+Mouse Wheel = Scroll View left/right (if possible)

                           Plot form - 2D shortcuts - Mouse Wheel = move up/down

                                                                       - Shift+Mouse Wheel = move left/right

                                                                       - Ctrl + Mouse Wheel = zoom in/out

                                          - 3D shortcuts - Mouse Wheel = rotate up/down

                                                                     - Shift+Mouse Wheel = rotate left/right

                                                                     - Ctrl + Mouse Wheel = zoom in/out

                        - Enhanced

                           Main form (Show only text for selected cursor if a cursor has been selected)

                        - Fixed

                           Registration not possible on some PCs with no sound card

                           Registration not possible on some PCs running Windows XP

                           Calculator keyboard entry (Shift key functionality)

                           Math Engine (IF and IM recognised as imaginary number i or j)

                           Plot form (Y and Z-axis titles swapped for plot type 6 and 7)

Version 1.6.2   - NEW

                           Main form (Plot Settings button)

                           Settings form (Limit filter window to valid data)

                           View Wizard form (Overall zoom - enlarge analog display window)

                        - Enhanced

                           Calculator intuitiveness

                           Main form (reduced scroll flicker)

                           Main form (buttons layout - grouping of similar functions)

                           Plot Wizard (auto hide log scales option according to 2D/3D plot selected)

                           Print form (maximised on startup)

                           Settings form (Quickplot settings moved from seperate form to Settings form)

                        - Fixed

                           Main form (Row number displayed was shifted by 1 row from actual)

                           Main form (Digital samples displayed was shifted by 1 row from actual)

Version 1.6.1   - NEW

                           Plot form (3D zoom function)

                           Plot Wizard form (user-defined step size for ranged variable plot)

                           Installation Patches (upgrade from old to latest version)

                        - Fixed

                           Ranged variable plot (did not function with no file imported)                          

Version 1.6.0   - NEW

                           Plot Wizard form (3D-plotting with rotational view)

                           Main form Popup Menu (Add cursors - same as Ctrl+'right click')

                           Settings form

                               - case sensitivity option - variables/formulas/drawings

                               - save plot format setting - as Bitmap (bmp) or Metafile (wmf)

                           Sound (Main form and About form)

                        - Enhanced

                           Intuitiveness (even further minimizing user input)

                              - Plot Wizard

                              - Popup Menus

                              - Plot form

                              - Calculator (Engineering/Scientific)

                           Calculator (complex mode - auto hide buttons only applicable to standard numbers)

                           Settings form (general settings moved from Plot Wizard form)

                           Expressions (added i and j to indicate imaginary part, i.e. j300 or 1+j5)

Version 1.5.0   - NEW

                           Calculator (Engineering/Scientific with full complex number support)

                           Calculator (support logical expressions)

                           Calculation selection modes (Settings form - Radians/Degrees)

Version 1.4.3   - NEW

                           Main form (Popup Menu - right click to show)

                           Plot form (Popup Menu - right click to show)

                           Quick Plot form (Popup Menu - right click to show)

                         - Enhanced

                           View Wizard form (layout)

                        - Fixed

                           Editing and export of file data

                           File trigger time incorrectly imported (start time correct)

                           File trigger time incorrectly exported (start time correct)

                           Main form (Horizontal scroll bar width when Toolbar hidden)

                           Plot form (Copy function also copied help icon)

                           View Wizard form (Clear user defined lists on import - did not function correctly)

Version 1.4.2   - NEW

                           Main Form (RAM - Paging file available memory display - bottom left corner)

                         - Enhanced

                           Memory Management (efficiency, speed and performance)                          

Version 1.4.1   - NEW

                           Edit Comtrade Format Form (View actual samples recorded)

                           Main form (Import function keeps last active directory in memory)

                         - Fixed

                           Plot Wizard form (Calculation of variable and formula values occured even if not visible)

Version 1.4.0   - NEW

                           Main form - Flashing Messages (e.g. incorrect calculation performed)

                           Plot Wizard form - Default Filter DFF (calculates fundamental component automatically on file import)

                           Software Memory requirements adjust automatically to imported file size

Version 1.3.4   - NEW

                           View Wizard - Check box added to select clearing of user defined lists or not when new recording is imported

                         - Fixed

                           Plot Form (did not use Plot Wizard selection when Quickplot selection active)

                           Combined recordings display (digitals shifted from actual)

                           Combined recordings display (clear display when vertical import deselected)

                           View Wizard - color selection (combined recordings with same name channels referenced the same color)

Version 1.3.3   - Fixed

                           Quickplot Hints rectified (Copy and Print did not display)

                           Plot Form (Plot type 2 and 3 displayed invalid first point)

                         - Changed functionality

                            Plot Wizard Form (Filter lag checkbox changed to be de-selected by default -> for entry level and intermediate users not user to filter windows and selections)

                            Plot Wizard (Harmonic plot type performed at reference cursor if active, else at C1)

Version 1.3.2   - Fixed

                           Plot form Edit button functionality (deleted lines when pressed)

                           Plot form Edit button for Drawings (edited drawing file name instead of displaying/editing drawing file contents)

                           Plot form Formula Color Selection functionality

                           Plot form Drawing Color Selection functionality

                           Quickplot form display (no Y-axis displayed if single channel selected that contained same Y-value for all channel data)

Version 1.3.1    - NEW

                            Software Registration

                         - Changed functionality

                            Enhanced "SEL Motor Start Report" to ignore illegal characters in data

Version 1.3.0   - NEW

                           Main form - Quick Plot setting button and related form

                           Main form - Multiple import selection and check boxes

                           Plot Wizard form - Impot of drawings in user defined directories


                           SEL protection relay "Motor Start Report" compatibility

                        - Tested/Verified

                          Basler Dec200 Comtrade Files (Ascii and Binary) compatibility

                         - Fixed

                           Plot Wizard form data Export to CSV button (legends exported incorrectly)

                           Plot Wizard form drawings load function (did not import first drawing in directory)

                           Plot form Formula Color selection (did not update correctly when new formulas were loaded, added, inserted or removed)

                           Plot form Drawing Color selection (did not update correctly when new drawings were loaded, added, inserted or removed)

                           Import file time error (some Comtrade file time format provides ms+us information which is not compatible with windows internal time format)

Version 1.2.0   - NEW

                           Plot form Color selection for Formulas as well as Drawings

                           Import capability for Comtrade files with multiple sampling frequencies

                         - Changed

                           Software code converted to new platform (improved overall performance and compatibality)

                           Installation Software code converted to new platform

                           Plot Wizard form layout improvements implemented

                           View Wizard form layout improvements implemented

                         - Removed

                           Old plot functionality (due to convertion of old source code to new platform)

Version 1.1.2   - NEW

                           Automatically create Comtrade row time stamps (add data missing in original Comtrade File) -  assists with some fault recorders which contained bugs (file not completely in Comtrade format)

Version 1.1.1   - NEW

                           Plot Wizard form buttons (Export to CSV comma delimited file, Export to Excel file)

                           Plot Wizard form data Export to CSV button (comma delimited text file) button

                           Plot form Keyboard shortcuts (Export to CSV file Ctrl+"D")

                           Plot Wizard form Keyboard shortcuts (Export to CSV file Ctrl+"D")

                           Quickplot form Keyboard shortcuts (Export to CSV file Ctrl+"D")

Version 1.1.0   - NEW

                           Plot form data Export to CSV (comma delimited text file) button

                           Quickplot data Export to CSV (comma delimited text file) button

                           Main form mouse Ctrl "left drag" to auto zoom if released

                           Main form mouse event "left drag" select Analysis area

                           Main form mouse event pan cursor "right drag" (if pressed down near dashed cursor)

                           Main form Menu shortcuts

                           Main form Menu shortcuts

                           Main form Menus (Tools - Animation Wizard)

                           Main form Keyboard shortcuts

                           Plot form keyboard shortcuts

                           Plot form keyboard shortcuts for Plot

                           Quickplot keyboard shortcuts

                         - Changed functionality

                           Installation Disk (Executable Program and Formulas/Drawings/Templates installation separated)

                           Main form keyboard shortcuts Move Left "," changed to "Ctrl+,", Move Right "." changed to "Ctrl+."

                           Main form mouse event "left drag" select Analysis area

                           Main form mouse event pan cursor "left drag" changed to "right drag" (if pressed down near dashed cursor)

                           Main form Menus shuffled (Edit - Main form Plot Settings, Comtrade File information, Directories)

                           Main form legend selection (does not disable itself anymore when plot performed)

                           Plot form (Removed line width setting)

                         - Fixed

                           Pan Cursor selection - align actual mouse position closer to actual cursor

                           Plot auto set color when only one series plotted

                           Plot Type 1 = Complex Plot sometimes displays incorrectly (particularly when data is only of type real with no imaginary part)

                           Plot auto scaling when min and max values are same

                           Plot Legend check box (display no legend if one series plotted, display even if one series plotted)                           

                           Plot Type 1 Complex Plot auto scaling (specifically X-axis) and data

                           Plot characteristic data 1st point always displayed {0,0}

                           Variable TIME returned value shifted by 1 cycle from actual

Version 1.0.0   - NEW

                           Import comtrade files with multiple sampling frequencies

                         - Fixed:

                           Main form Plot first and last point incorrectly displayed

                           Main form drawing of c[1] and c[2] under specific conditions Reference cursor active

                           Plot form data shifted by 1 sampling interval from actual

                           Plot form zoom reference and data lost when mutiple plots active and resizing window or zooming

                           Plot Wizard form Symbols check box

                           Plot Wizard form Joined Lines check box

                           Quickplot data shifted by 1 sampling interval from actual

Older Versions

                           Released between 1998 to 2007 

For more information, refer to the Help documentation.

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