Free COMCALC PRO - IEEE/IEC Comtrade file ANALYSIS Software
  1. Download and Install (FULL FEATURES @ no charge - click here) (File size < 15MB)

    Version 4.0.8 = 28 Jul 2021
        IEEE/IEC Comtrade ASCII and BINARY (and variants 1991, 1999, 2011, 2013, 2014, binary32, float32 etc),
                                                             Multi-sampling frequencies,
                                                             Auto-correct (incorrectly formatted files).

    DID YOU KNOW: Comcalc Pro has been and always will be free (Full features included + no-charge if enhancements requested) and includes:

                                           * User-defined mathematical expressions and plots (including filters, symmetrical components, harmonics etc)
                                           * Protection relay measurement and characteristic modeling and behavior analysis.
                                           * Import and view multiple files simultaneously (merge, tile, timeline etc).
                                           * Editing of Comtrade file structure and sampled values.
                                           * Search through recording for user-defined criteria and extract/display relevant information etc.

    Recommended minimum requirements:

                                                                                       Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 (including server and virtual machines)
                                                                                       Display/Screen size = 1280 x 768

    Latest Enhancements:

       * Import/Export full Plot Wizard setup (easily recreate previous plots)
       * Clipboard Copy - Copy Plots/Expressions/Formulas/Drawings and calculated values
       * Enhanced TIME, ROW and C functions (setting and values)
       * View Wizard - View user-defined calculated values
    * Expression calculation speed (e.g. necessary expressions automatically re-calculated if referenced without apostrophies, i.e. A:=DFT1, B:='A', C:=A)
       * Full features automatically available without registration @ no charge (previously registration was required @ no charge)
    * Enhanced loading and saving of settings, colors and lists (plot/data wizard colors and lists, general, etc)
       * Multi-file import limited to 10 simultaneous views
    * Digsilent, ABB, Micom and SEL synchrophasor / traveling wave capture import enhancements

    Latest Fixes or Enhancements (over several versions period):

       * Memory management
       * Cursor references enhanced (setting and returning solid/dashed cursor values)
       * Default Fundamental Frequency filter (DFF) returned zero values
       * Multi-file import and plot/data wizard bug fixes
    * Timeline and Vertical pile view bug fixes
       * Print Preview
       * Fixed specific expression structure errors (not value related - calculations are correct)
2.      Note: Some Anti-virus software(s) may report False Positives (incorrectly classified as risk).
                    Please contact if you do perhaps encounter a False Positive (we follow-up and work with Anti-virus vendors do resolve False Positives).

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